Community Fund

The provision of significant local community benefits is central to Meadow Blue Energy’s vision. The society will contribute surplus income into the independently administered and dedicated Meadow Blue Community Benefit Fund. Over the 25-year life of the project, the Society will create a Community Benefit Fund. Annual contributions to the Community Benefit Fund may vary and will be at the discretion of the Society’s Board of Directors as they will be dependent on available cash flow following bank loan repayments and members’ interest payment commitments.

In 2021 the MBE Directors provided funds to support the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project  to monitor growth of the Kelp forests, record biodiversity increases and track the socio-economic impacts of regenerating underwater habitats.  The project will also share learnings with policy makers and educational organisations.

To find out more about the Sussex Kelp Recovery Project view their 2021-2022 Progress & Impact Report.

Henri Brocklebank of Sussex Wildlife Trust recorded a note of thanks for the Meadow Blue Shareholders AGM.

Currently the MBCE Directors provide prearranged educational visits to the Merston site, and have planted over 400 trees at the site.

They also attend events at schools (photo below) and take part in STEM events across Sussex to educate local school children about Science Technology Engineering & Math’s.