Meadow Blue

The Meadow Blue name alludes to the following:

  • The South Downs, an area stretching across Sussex, is home to an abundance of blue butterflies such as the Adonis Blue, Chalkhill Blue and Common Blue Butterfly
  • The butterfly, though short-lived, has wings designed to absorb solar energy. As an effective user of solar power, it represents the dependence of humans, the food chain and indeed the whole natural environment upon the sun
  • The fragility of the beautiful butterfly also depicts the fragility of our eco-systems, particularly the warming of the earth and delicate carbon balance between carbon retained within living organisms, wooden structures and fossil fuels, and the carbon dioxide gas as part of the greenhouse layer.
  • Finally, this natural branding represents our desire to work with nature where we can make best use of the land available to us in creating clean energy and promoting biodiversity through, for example, the creation of new wildflower meadows.