Nick Rouse

Nick Rouse - Meadow Blue Community Energy Ltd Director

Technical Director of Meadow Blue with a BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (with commendation). Nick has an MSc with distinction in Renewable Energy and the Built Environment from the Centre for Alternative Technology. He is a graduate member of the Energy Institute. Nick has worked for over 40 years in the electronics and electrical engineering industry. His wide range of skills includes knowledge of semiconductors, infra-red imaging/tracking systems, satellite image-processing systems, design of high-performance electron microscopes and alternative energy fields. As Chief Engineer and Head of Design/Development for Telecon Ltd he has worked on the design and development of the company’s products, principally electrical current and energy sensors, many of which are used in the renewable energy industry around the world. Nick has a vast knowledge of technical skills in energy conservation and power generation (his own energy efficient home is fitted with PV, solar thermal, under floor heating and a ground source heating plan, much of it self-installed).

[picture credit: Andrew Aitchison]